Is your dog afraid of noises?

Fast jeder dritte Hund leidet unter Geräuschängsten.
They are very sensitive to loud noises, especially the time around the turn of the year means an enormous stress situation for affected dogs.

As an owner, you would like to explain to your dog that they don't have to be afraid and there is no danger, however, it is impossible to convey to the dogs.
For owners, however, there are a number of ways you can make your dog's, and ultimately your own, Silverster evening easier.
Some tools for dog owners are:For many dogs, it is helpful if they can retreat to a quiet, darkened room instead of being out on the street with their owner.
Some dogs also have a higher sense of security when masters and/or mistresses are around.
Even if you feel the need to comfort your dog with cuddles or give him treats to calm him down, you should avoid this at all costs.
The dog understands these gestures as a kind of concession that the fear is correct; in the worst case, the fear is intensified. It can be worth a try to get his dog used to unknown sounds with the help of noise CDs.
For example, long before New Year's Eve - ideally in consultation with the vet or a dog trainer - you can play a CD with fireworks sounds every day.
You start with very soft background music while you keep your dog busy or feed him treats.
This way, the dog can slowly get used to it and then no longer associates New Year's Eve noises with danger.
Die Lautstärke kann nach und nach gesteigert werden, wobei darauf zu achten ist die Lautstärke nicht zu laut werden zu lassen; auch hier besteht ansonsten wieder die Gefahr einer Angstvertärkung.Einige Hunde lieben es Auto zu fahren. Eine Fahrt ins neues Jahr kann also für den Hund eine schöne Ablenkung von den grellen Lichtern und lauten Knallen zu Neujahr sein.Eine weitere Möglichkeit um die Angst des Hundes in den Griff zu bekommen ist die Verwendung von Pheromon- Steckern bzw. Pheromon- Halsbändern.
The plugs, which are quite simply plugged into a socket, but, like the collars, emit pheromones.
Pheromones are messenger substances produced by lactating bitches to give their puppies a sense of security, which lowers their stress level.
By using the plugs or collars, the dog relaxes even in stressful situations.
The pheromones last 4- 6 weeks; the application should be started already at the beginning of December, so that the effect can unfold.

An easy way to calm the dog is through certain food supplements.
It is now known that, among other things, the amino acid tryptophan raises serotonin levels in the dog's brain.
Thus, recurring supplementation of the diet with tryptophan can lower the overall stress level in dogs.
Alpha-casozepine also has a sedative effect.
This protein is formed by puppies during the digestion of breast milk.
Even when taken as a feed supplement, the calming and sleep-promoting effect sets in.

Tryptophan and alpha- casozepine can be fed together.
To achieve the best effect should start feeding already in mid-December - no later than 4 days before New Year's Eve.
Bach flowers are popularly taken to calm the dog.
In an anxiety situation, the dog can be given so-called "emergency" or "rescue" mixtures in the form of globules, drops or drops.
If the dog stops eating during an anxiety situation, it is possible to rub the drops on the forehead. If all this does not help, tranquilizers can be given.
They require a prescription, which is why a visit to the veterinarian should definitely precede.
The doctor can best decide which remedy and dosage to give after a thorough examination.

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